Located in the Colon Province of Panama, Gamboa is only ½ an hour drive from Panama City. It is located in a secluded area that used to be part of the Former Canal Zone, on the Gatun Lake. The lGamboaake is vital to the Panama Canal operation, in that it supplies the water for the locks in raising or lowering the ships in transit.
The location of Gamboa offers a wonderful insight into local wildlife, nature and the scenic beauty of the region. It has access to the
Chagres river which feeds the Gatun Lake, and the Galliard Cut is located just south of Gamboa. This is where the canal crosses or cuts through the Continental Divide.
To access Gamboa, one has to cross an old bridge that offers single lane traffic only, and therefore adherence to the traffic light is highly recommended.
The town of
Gamboa was originally built in 1911 to house employees of the Panama Canal project, which were moved when the Gatun Lake covered various settlements. The town enjoyed various growth and declining phases. Due to its isolated location the area is a fantastic bird lovers paradise, offering sensational opportunities of bird watching and hiking in the relatively undisturbed rainforest, along the Pipeline Road and there is easy access to the old Las Cruces Trail, which was superseded by the Panama railway line.

A main attraction close to the town is the Gamboa Rainforest Resort, which provides the tourists with sporting facilities as well as spectacular views of the Canal and lake. The area offers the freshwater fisherman the opportunity of catching bass in the lake and getting close to nature in this scenic area.