Isla Colon


Located in the Bocas del Toro province in Panama, the Isla Colon is the northern most island of the archipelago. The capital of this province is Bocas del Toro and is located on this island. It has an international airport, which serves as a hub for the national carrier of Air Panama, as well as a port for shipping and cruise lines.

IIsla Colonsla Colon is a beautiful piece of paradise with golden sand beaches set in the serene calmness of the Caribbean Sea. The area is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving with countless fish species swimming about the beautifully coloured coral reefs. The island was actually formed from these reefs, many of which can be seen in the centre of the island. There are many wildlife species, some of which are endemic, and the secluded nature of the isIsla Colonand has helped retain the existence of the night monkey.

There are spectacular islands to visit close by including Bird Island, which acts as a refuge to many bird species in the migratory patterns. The island itself looks like a giant rock sticking out of the water, and can be host to up to 50 different species at any given time. Popa Island is a must for the nature lover; where the delicate balance between man and nature has been preserved and maintained for centuries.

Dolphin bay provides a wonderful sight of gathering dolphins, reasons are un known as to why they seem to be attracted to the area, one should enjoy the opportunity of watching them play in the warm sea waters.

There are numerous hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, catering for a night out after a day in the sun. The hotels offer several bars and restaurants and no matter if it is day or night there are plenty of activities on the Isla Colon.