Panama City Real Estate ToursAmador Causway

SPECIAL OFFER: Up to $1,000 off your vacation when you buy selected real estate from us! (see conditions below)

After a discussion with one of our real estate consultants discussing the many projects and options available in the city we will create a itinerary based on your interests ready for your arrival in Panama. 

Your guide will tell you about the basics of investing in Panama and answer any questions you may have along the way regarding banking and loans, retirement laws, residency laws, taxes and regulations regarding real estate transactions.

If required we can also arrange bank account opening with local or international banks using our lawyer.


Depending on your needs we will make up a schedule which can include any of the following areas but the tour has to be time limited to 6 hours.


Costa del Este
To the east of the City, this is a suburban area fast growing with it's own grocery stores, schools and other services.  There are houses and high rise loft/condo projects.


Costa Sur

A little further along the highway from Coste del Este this suburban area of nearly 5,000 high end houses is a world class development with gated communities and 4,000 m2 social areas including swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasium, spa, sauna, massage, inpool bar, concierge services, social club, etc.

Former military base has been converted to a residential area with one story homes and nice yards.  Renovated former officer's homes and newly constructed houses and condos enjoy lots of greenery and a country feel despite being just minutes from the city.


Former military base.  Lots of green area and a slower, more residential suburban feeling that's preferred by many families and retirees.

Punta Pacifica
High end, newly developing area on a landfill peninsula that juts into the Pacific. This exclusive neighborhood is next door to high end malls, high rent offices and is home to the most luxurious high rise condos in Panama, including the new Trump Tower.  Fantastic views.

Punta Paitilla
Next door and similar to Punta Pacifica, but older development with fewer new offerings, mostly resales. Luxury condos and developed neighborhood has some condo re-sales with fantastic views of the city and ocean. Avenida Balboa

Balboa Avenue

The banking and business center along the main ocean side boulevard that is the heart of Panama City.  Home of Panama's business elite.  Skyscraper offices and condos offer towering views of the the Pacific and Casco Viejo. 

Amador Causeway
Nightlife, boating and tourism mecca, several projects underway that are excellent investment opportunities.  This area stretches out to the sea and greets ships as they enter the Canal.  Fantastic views back to the mainland city and Casco Viejo.  Local sailing community.  Very elegant.

A shaded banking area with cafes, restaurants and hotels popular with business travelers.  Pleasant walking areas, shops.

Tucan Golf Resort & Country Club
Former military golf course being renovated to offer golf villas and suburban style living. Massive project with  the Tocan County Clubbest golf course in the country so far.

El Cangrejo
Residential neighborhood with slight elevation and cooler weather and parks has several new high rise condos in construction.  Great dining and the nicest street (Via Argentina) in town.  Bars, cafes, outdoor seating.  Very Latin.

You will stop for lunch or snacks at your leisure during the tour.  Lunch is not included in the tour price.

Rates: Tours can be FREE see terms and conditions below

Number of people in group                                        Cost per person

1                                                                                 $119 each (plus 7% Tax) 

2                                                                                 $109 each (plus 7% Tax) 

3                                                                                 $99 each (plus 7% Tax) 

4                                                                                 $79 each (plus 7% Tax) 

5                                                                                 $69 each (plus 7% Tax) 

6 or more                                                                     $59 each (plus 7% Tax) 


Terms & Conditions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)


Tours start and finish in Panama City. We cannot pick up from outside.

All costs are payable by PayPal/Credit Card in advance and are non refundable.

If real estate (not rentals) is purchased through us then the cost of the tour for that person (not group) is refundable on closing. (Excluding Taxes)

If real estate is purchased through us and it is one of our own listings with a gross sale value over $200,000 then we will refund you $1,000 on the cost of your vacation on closing. (Applicable only to those clients who purchased the real estate tour)