Mountains & Valleys Real Estate Tours (Pacific Side)


 SPECIAL OFFER: Up to $1,000 off your vacation when you buy selected real estate from us! (see terms and conditions below)

After a discussion with one of our real estate consultants discussing the many projects and options available in the city we will create a itinerary based on your interests ready for your arrival in Panama

Your guide will tell you about the basics of investing in Panama and answer any questions you may have along the way regarding banking and loans, retirement laws, residency laws, taxes and regulations regarding real estate transactions.

If required we can also arrange bank account opening with local or international banks using our lawyer.


Depending on your needs we will make up a schedule which can include most of the Pacific side mountain development areas but the tour has to be time limited to 6 hours.



We start the tour in Altos del Maria, Sora and surrounding areas.  This region has become very popular with retirees because it is near Panama City (1 hr 20 min.) and the beach (20 min.) yet has a cool mountain climate and in some cases, ocean views.

Next we'll head down the mountain and along the highway and up the byway that leads to the town of Penonome, the capital of the Cocle Province.  Cocle is a major agricultural center for the central provinces with a lot of its products used to supply Panama. Although the agricultural products are rather varied, we could say that tomatoes and sugar are their major products.

It is also developing as a tourist destination thanks to natural beauty such as waterfalls, rolling hills, curiously geometric mountains and abundance of wildlife.  Spanish architecture is a noticeable reminder of Penonome's rich history and importance during Colonial times.

El ValleLast we'll head to El Valle  This cool weather oasis has long been popular with Panamanians as a weekend retreat.  This picturesque town sits in the crater of an extinct volcano. Its cool, spring-like climate is rare in Panama.  Famous for its Indian market featuring handcrafts, fresh fruit and vegetables and beautiful native plants,

El Valle is a colorful mix of locals, Panamanian tourist and foreign retirees. Year-round average high temperature is 20° C (68° F), and the average nighttime minimum is a comfortable 16° C (61° F), with little variation between summer and winter.

You will stop for lunch or snacks at your leisure during the tour.  Lunch is not included.


Rates: Tours can be FREE see terms and conditions below

Number of people in group                                        Cost per person

1                                                                 Min 2

2                                                                 $115 each (plus 7% Tax)

3                                                                 $105 each (plus 7% Tax) 

4                                                                 $89 each (plus 7% Tax) 

5                                                                 $79 each (plus 7% Tax) 

6 or more                                                      $69 each (plus 7% Tax) 


Terms & Conditions


Tours can start in Panama City or Coronado (Pacific Coast)

All costs are payable by PayPal/Credit Card in advance and are non refundable.

If real estate (not rentals) is purchased through us then the cost of the tour for that person (not group) is refundable on closing. (excluding Tax)

If real estate is purchased through us and it is one of our own listings with a gross sale value over $200,000 then we will refund you $1,000 on the cost of your vacation on closing. (Applicable only to those clients who purchased the real estate tour)