Panama Rentals

Playa Blanca, Farallon is located in the province of Cocle on Panama’s Pacific coast between the charming beach towns of Santa Clara and Rio Hato, and it is the perfect spot to invest in some Panama rentals property as it is a popular location for short term vacation rentals. It is a perfect long stretch of beach between a rocky highland and the river Rio Farallon.

Panama RentalsAs its name suggests, the beach is made up of beautiful white sand and the water is extremely warm and calm and can often be transparent depending on the type of day it is. This makes it a great beach for bathing, swimming and snorkeling where many species of spectacular fish and sea life can be seen, especially nearer the rocky area‘s of the beach. For the more action orientated, you can also rent out full scale wind surfers, kayaks and 4 wheel ATV’s.

There is a big market for full service short term Panama rentals in Playa Blanca. This makes this area an ideal opportunity for investment. Rentals here have very high yields and occupancy rates are high, especially in the “vacation season”  of December to April. Although the property management rates run at around 20-25% here, the net yields on rentals in the Playa Blanca area are still very high.

This area has a high number of amenities and attractions that attract vacationers to short term Panama rentals. There is a number of popular fresh sea food restaurants in close reach of the beach where you can sample the traditional local cuisine, these places offer up typical Panamanian food and a popular dish is the traditional Ceviche with Plantains. This area of beach is also very peaceful,  tranquil and secluded, it is said that during week days you can often enjoy huge stretches of this picturesque beach all to your self. In recent times It has also started to become a very popular weekend get-away for the many residents of Panama city that want to escape the frantic city life for more peaceful, calm surroundings. It has a great reputation with tourists for being safe, and when walking along the beach during the busier seasons you will not only see locals enjoying the pleasant tropical weather but also tourists from all around the world.
Nearby amenities include the ambitious beach front Playa Blanca resort which is a an exclusive Residences and all inclusive 5 star Hotel. The resort will be comprised of a number residential communities and is currently home to 5 star beach front holiday resort, the resort has a number of restaurants, fitness and gym and facilities, a spa and the developers plan to build an astonishing 17 acre pool, which on completion this will be the second biggest swimming pool in the world. There is also an on site property management service for short term Panama rentals.
As with most of Panama, the surrounding area of Playa Blanca is a land of stark contrast. In close reach of the new ultra modern Playa Blanca resort is the historic nearby fishing village of Farallon, in the town there a number of amenities and stores which are worth a visit and a very popular fish market, where locals come to sell their catches of the day, if you visit the market in the morning you will often be able to buy freshly caught fish often at amazing prices. The peaceful population of Farallon mainly lives off livestock and agriculture, which is often the case with most local communities that live out-side of Panama city. There is also extensive cultivation of rice crops and sugar production in the region.
Playa Blanca is easily reachable from Panama city, and is just an easy 75 minute drive straight down the Pan-American highway. It is amazing how a beach so near to a great metropolis like Panama City remains so unspoilt and quiet. Whether you are in search of a whole week of sun and sand or maybe just a few days of complete tranquility, Playa Blanca is the perfect destination to find your Panama rentals investment.