Albrook real estate

Home for the first United states Air Force Base on Albrook Panama, that was given over to Panama in 1999, situated in the Canal zone. The residential Albrook real-estate is positioned within stunning natural environment, with trails & parks with access to schools nearby.

Home to some of Panama’s most beautiful suburban homes. It features various parks and green areas, beautiful tropical gardens, and several schools (including St. Mary´s, an english speaking school). 

The conveniences and commercial infrastructure in Albrook  is complete including the famous Mall, the largest in Panama City,  with all the usual amenities. The area hosts the regional Marcos A Gelabert Airport, with flights to many destinations locally, and some international ones.

The area is recognized as an prosperous suburb and some of the old officers houses have been transformed into residences and plenty of brand new exceptional developments. The region is

Albrook real estate panama

 situated around the eastern side from the canal, south of Clayton.

Also one can find such amenities as restaurants including several which deliver, a bakery, banks, Blockbusters, Arrocha (local farmacy/convenience store chain) medical and vet clinics, as well as an El Rey Supermarket.

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