Chiriqui – is  found in the  south west area in the Republic of Panama – has created a world-wide reputation for itself being an excellent retirement living choice. It features the majority of the elements essential to attract the retirement aged: an affordable cost of living, acceptable weather, along with a selection of geographical characteristics which will fascinate perhaps the most devoted of urbanites.

To be able to better visualize on the map, you should remember that Chiriqui’s  western neighbour is actually Costa Rica, it’s eastern neighbour will be the Province of Veraguas, northern neighbour will be the Region of Bocas del Toro, and its southern neighbour is the Pacific Ocean.

The main city will be the colonial city of David. Having a populace of around 125,000, David may be the country’s third-most populated city. Barrio Bolivar – the city centre – hosts the Saint Joseph Cathedral as well as the Jose de Obaldia Historical background and Artwork Museum.

Chiriqui Panama

Chiriqui includes roughly 8,753 square kilometers of area and enjoys an extensive variety of weather. The actual physical top features include seaside plains to the grandiose mountain tops whose peaks exceed Three thousand meters.

Of major significance is the highlands associated with Chiriqui that occupy the majority of the area across the main Mountain Range. It might come as a shock for some but the highlands are of volcanic origins and therefore are  extremely rich earth. This coupled with 9 months of abundant rain fall create a huge part of rich farmland. The greater elevated regions of Chiriqui – for example Cerro Punta, Volcan, and Boquete – share exactly the same cooler environment and plentiful rain fall as the extreme highlands.

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