The town of Chitre is the capital city of the of Herrera. This town acts as a major draw card for tourists due to its carnival celebrations, as well as the superior infrastructure which includes more than adequate amenities as well as phenomenal internet access and communication networks.

The town was founded in 1848, and named after the native Chitra people. The town although well developed in terms of infrastructure has an old world feel about it with significantly popular restaurants and traditional typical food outlets and venues. The Chtire experience is complete with shopping malls, as well as a lively night club and bar scene.

Being the capital of Herrera, Chitre has established itself as the central trading hub of this province, which in turn has helped develop the town to a point where one can use all major credit cards, and access to local banks is relatively easy and without hassle. Chitre is a modern locale and has all amenities required by travellers, tourists and locals alike.

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