Contadora Island

The most noted in the Archipelago of Pearl Islands, is located in the Gulf of Panama, complete with its own regional airport, the Island is a tourist hot spot, with activities for all water sports and nature lovers alike. The island historically served as the Spanish centre of counting their pearls and the Contadora Peace Accords were signed here during the 1980s, the foundation for peace in Central America. It is essentially a resort island, with residences owned by wealthy Panamanians. Some of the neighbouring islands were featured in three of the well known ‘Survivor’ series.

Contradore Beaches

The setting of the Contadora Island is like a long lost paradise, with the clear waters of the Gulf and the 11 sandy white palm tree lined beaches. The central location of the big island serves well for a base to explore the smaller islands around Contadora, all within reach by boat. There are numerous smaller islands surrounding Contadora, within the archipelago, which is ideal for a day visit to seek adventure on one of the smaller uninhabited islands.

For the snorkel and scuba diving fraternity Contadora is the nearest to Panama City, and offer full facilities for diving with or without scuba tanks, a great beach for snorkelling is Playa Galeon in the north east of the island, although most beaches offer a great marine life viewing opportunity. Other beaches include the normally busiest Playa Larga, the nudist beach Playa de las Suecas and Playa Cacique. The layout of the archipelago offer intense sports fishing opportunities. The island offers an old world type ambience for the tourist seeking an undeveloped natural and water sport rich destination.

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