David Panama

The third largest city in Panama, David is located in the Chiriqui province in the western reaches of Panama, founded in 1738 as a gold prospecting camp, retaining much of its colonial heritage and tradition. Located on the coastal plain it is serviced by the ports of Pedregal and Puerto Armuelles on the gulf of Chiriqui, it is ideaaly situated on the Pan American Highway. This city is the capital of the Chiriqui province, and has also been claimed as the least poor city with each family house having basic infrastructure and amenities. The official name of the city is San Jose de David, serves as a very important hub of trade and as a cultural centre. For those wanting access to the sea and beaches, David is central enough to offer a short trip to the Pacific Ocean of Panama.

The Amistad National Park is located about an hour out of David, and is considered as the world’s first bi national biosphere reserve, as it is located between Panama and Costa Rica.

The city is surrounded by the charming Chiriqui highlands, with coffee, fruit and sugar cane plantations. The settings surrounding the David area and the Chiriqui province has been likened to that of Switzerland, with a mild climate and beautiful architecture and layout. Locals within the city are very friendly, adding to charm of David. The annual Feria Internacional de David is an important commercial event for international company exposure within Panama.

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