Located about 10 minutes from Coronado, one will find the area of Gorgona. Although not as popular as Coronado, it is still viewed as a developing gem within Panama. There is opportunity in various real estate developments that are being viewed and taken up by various foreign investors. The region is ideal for retirement prospects due to its idyllic and serene environment.

Like Coronado, it also has an entire stretch of beaches where one can enjoy exclusive sorts of beach games for the family. Gorgona offers the white sand beaches as well as the volcanic gray beaches for relaxing and soaking up the sun.


The area is within an hour of road travel from Panama City, which makes it centrally and easily accessible. The area is less than an hour out of the ever popular El Valle; with an already established infrastructure of commercial shops and mini malls.

Gorgona has many bargain real estate options, that is catching up with the rest of Panama. Anyone who is looking to invest is urged to investigate the beauty and availability that this area has to offer.

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