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Panama property along the long stretch of beautiful Santa Clara beach is in high demand and with good reason, with sparkling white sands and tall picturesque coconut palms located on Panama’s popular Pacific coast. It was also one of the first American beach communities in Panama and till this day remains a very popular destination amongst expats and locals alike and for many reasons. Property prices here are very stable and expats recognize this as a big advantage in the local property market.

On a typical weekend, a good amount of families can be seen enjoying the sun and there are many people to stop and socialize with, people take full advantage of the beaches size and can be seen enjoying friendly games of volley-ball and soccer amongst other sports but it is not all busy families and games, if you walk a little further from the entrance of the beach you will find complete solitude, ideal for those couples wanting to have a romantic weekend away.

There are a number of fantastic things to enjoy on the beach. Beautiful horses are available for both children and adults to ride for a $2 fare. There is also extensive kayaking facilities where you can rent out a kayak for a couple of hours or even opt for the full kayaking day tour which includes a wide range of excursions including salt marsh paddling tours and trips on the Rio Chame.

In the nearby hotels you can find snorkeling trips and day activities galore. Towards the west side of the beach there is a tranquil fishing village where you can find a good amount of local amenities, there is a lovely selection of sea food restaurants in the village that will serve only the best locally caught fish. Fried fish and plantains are both cheap and delicious, and an ice cold beer can be picked for as little as 45 cents.

All of these facilities concentrated in one location makes this a very popular place to buy Panama property.

Camping is a very popular past-time with the many of the visitors to Santa Clara, the beach here is extremely wide and there is plenty of room to set-up camp, there are several designated camping spots towards the east of the beach that are extremely peaceful and quiet. Firewood can be found just off the beach with very little effort and there are plentiful water supplies nearby.

It’s common to see close-knit families sitting around the camp fire at night enjoying the stars. There are also a number of comfortable Cabins in the area which can be rented for a night or a week at a time for reasonable prices, and this is all right on the beach.

For those that want to enjoy an all-out luxury of their own vacation home, purchasing property in Santa Clara is a very simple process.

Also nearby is the well known Royal Decameron Beach resort and Casino, this is an all-inclusive, full-blown holiday resort. It is home to 8 pools, 10 different restaurants (serving up every type of dish) and 11 bars. It is also home to an exclusive 18 hole golf course which is positioned right up to the ocean.

Santa Clara is extremely easy to get to from Panama City, it is located just off the Pan-American highway and buses pass through the fishing village from along all along the Pacific coast all the way up to Penonome and there is even a service on the way down from David. The transport is very frequent and also cheap, you can catch a bus back to Panama city for just $2.50.

With it being in such close reach to the city, Santa Clara is an extremely versatile destination. And with its mix of fun daytime activities, amazing sand and peaceful tranquillity, it is the ideal location to buy Panama property and escape from the city and for families looking to enjoy a full blown beach vacation.