Panama Real Estate

Fast becoming known as the Latin America’s most vibrant capital, Panama city is a diverse mix of colourful Latin culture and world class modern infrastructure. Panama city has quickly developed into a modern metropolis with a shimmering skyline filled with elegant condos and luxury Panama real estate complexes, Savvy foreign investors are enjoying an ever-growing economy and capitalising on the excellent investment opportunities provided by Panama rentals and the real estate market.
The city has become extremely popular amongst retiree’s wanting to escape there home counties in search of the perfect Panama retirement, and with good reason….The first thing that you will notice when you visit the city, asides from the pleasant tropical climate, is how warm and welcoming the people are. Foreigners are readily welcome and although Spanish is the first language, English is also very widely spoken. Panama city on the whole is also very safe and is widely regarded to be a lot safer than most capital cities around the world.

You will find an endless amount of first-class amenities in the city and there is a surprisingly large and diverse array of fine restaurants and bars with many cultural influences, you can find everything from typical home-style Panamanian eateries to South Asian curry houses and just about everything in between. As night falls on the city, chic bars and stylish dance clubs come alive, and the cities pleasant nightlife tunes itself to the rhythm of Salsa.

Asides from the un-limited stores and restaurants, Panama city also boasts truly world class medical services. It is home to numerous award winning hospitals including the famous Punta Pacifica hospital. Health care in Panama is very cheap compared to the states and the Europe making it the one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world.

Panama city is also the only capital in the world that has tropical rain forest located within it’s city limits, Parque natural metropolis is located just 10 minutes north of downtown and is home to vast 232 hectare tropical rain-forest, nick named as “the lung of Panama city”, the park has an abundance of wildlife. Ti ti Monkeys, Deer, sloth’s, Iguanas and an amazing 227 different types of Bird-life can be seen here.

Although Panama Real Estate is very much on the edge of technology and development, it is also a city deeply rooted in it’s interesting history, evidence of this can be enjoyed thought out the city today. The enchanting ruins of old Panama viejo can be found to the east of today’s Panama city, Originally built in the 16th century by the Spanish, the city was amongst the first permanent European settlement along the Pacific coast, and became the starting point for numerous Gold mining expeditions into Peru, 150 years after it’s construction the City was ransacked by the infamous Henry Morgan and a gang of 1200 pirates. The city was completely looted and burned to the ground. After suffering a great loss at the hands of the savage pirates the Spaniards later moved their city south east to what today is known as Casco Viejo. It was built on rocky peninsula which would much more easier to defend from further Pirate attacks. The surrounding reefs made it difficult for ships to approach the city. Today the area is a UNESCO world heritage site that is gradually being restored to it’s truly magnificent colonial charm of yesteryear and fast re-becoming a very popular spot for tourists and visitors.
The City also thrives off Panama’s world famous canal and its advantageous position on the world trade route. The canal bought in tolls of around $1.4 billion last year and with a $5 billion expansion currently taking place this number is expected to grow year by year, having an extremely positive effect on the city’s economy. This also has a positive effect on the Panama real estate market. Even in a world wide recession Panama has continued to be one of the few western countries able to maintain a steadily growing economy, this paired with the Panamanian governments investor-friendly standpoint has made the capital city not just a great place to live and retire but also true hot spot for Panama real estate investment.