Park Eden Bed & Breakfast

Park Eden Bed and Breakfast
Phone:(507) 983-6167Fax:(507) 226-8858
Address: El ValleLocation: El Valle

PARK EDEN Bed & Breakfast is your home away from home. Located in El Valle de Anton, Panama, nestled in the crater of an extinct pre-historic volcano that exploded 5 million years ago, creating one of the largest craters of the world, with a diameter of 5 km. Seated at an altitude of some 2,500 ft., El Valle is a beautiful and picturesque mountain country-side town with peaceful environment, exuberant,colourful vegetation and wildlife. Offers excellent Bird Watching experience, Eco-tourism,local hiking, hill climbing and mountain biking, ecological and canopy tours, and a colourful Sunday market. El Valle is one of Panama’s best areas for Bird Watching where actually birders are few and birds abound.