Surrounded by rolling green hills, this picturesque coastal fishing town is located in the Los Santos province on the Azureo peninsula. The area is experiencing a boom in real estate and tourism, and is home to numerous a-list Hollywood celebrities. The beautiful setting of the dramatic Pacific coastline allows for numerous surfing hot spots and launch areas for the sports fisherman.

A nature lover’s paradise with tropical vegetation, as well as opportunities to snorkel, scuba or sit back and relax watching whales play in the sea nearby. With the white sand enticing one to come and relax on the beautiful beaches. One can easily access the Isla Iguana from here, which is a wildlife refuge offering great nature walks and exploration with viewing the natural fauna and flora. Popular beaches in the area include Bajadero, Destiladeros, Punta Mala and Playa del Toro.

The town and surrounding areas have superior infrastructure due to capital investment in the area and driving toward and around the town is as much a pleasure as the idyllic settings surrounding you.

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