Quarry Heights

One of the many areas that were reverted back to the country of Panama, after the Canal’s control was relinquished to Panama. The area is located on Ancon Hill. It was originally the site of the nerve centre of the US Military Forces based in Panama. The area was upgraded and housed numerous US Commanders for the region until 1998, when it was reverted back to Panama.

The area is a picturesque site with buildings dating back to the Canal construction era, which contains a mixture of French and American architecture specifically designed for the hot and humid Panama climate.

The area had its origins in 1909, when the slopes of Ancon Hill were quarried to supply stone for the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks of the Canal. A total of 3.2 million cubic yards of rock was removed from the site and subsequently close as a quarry and transferred to the US Army, as the Canal Zone Army Command post in 1914.

The area, including Ancon Hill commands a 360o view and has been referenced as a geographical point for more than 400 years. Modern day developments and revitalization of the area exist today.

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