Taboga Island

Located a mere 20km from Panama City, by ferry, one will find the beautiful island also known as the Island of the Flowers or as they say in Spanish La Isla De Las Flores. The island is home to Iglesia San Pedro, which is claimed to be one of the oldest churches in the hemisphere.

Famed as a wildlife refuge, the tourist has spectacular tropical beaches and crystal clear waters. The island was discovered by European explorers in 1515, and was found to be inhabited and the town of Taboga was established in 1524 by Hernando de Luque.

The days of pirates were exposed on this island when a buried treasure of silver coins was unearthed in 1998, the coins dated back to the 1600s.

Modern day Taboga consists of a peaceful locale with resorts and a village. One can easily access the island via ferry, and the spectacular Panama City skyline is clearly visible from this tropical paradise. Some say that Paul Gaugin drew inspiration from this area when he visited the island in 1887. It makes for a perfect get away from the hustle of the Panama City lifestyle, and is complete with adequate amenities and a very good communication infrastructure.

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