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User Feedback

We were researching countries to retire to for some time and we eventually decided that Panama offered the best retirement program. But we were not sure where to start. We had never visited Panama, so we needed a broker who would take a personal interest and help guide us through the daunting search for the right place at the right price and help us with all the immigration, relocation and banking details as well. Panama Real Estate approach was exactly what we needed; They contacted me and explained the whole process of retirement living in Panama in great detail. I don’t know how they put up with our endless questions but they were always cheerful and happy to respond. Pete said it was normal for people retiring to a foreign country to need this level of reassurance and he had done the same thing many times before. Thanks for making our move so easy, now we are happily settled in our new home.

- 2016-04-03

Buying property in a foreign country can be a bit unnerving when you aren’t fluent in the language and aren’t sure of the laws that will protect you from being scammed. It can be a huge leap of faith. We carefully screened many realtors before finding Pete at Panama Real Estate. He and his associates were immediately responsive to our many questions and needs. Language was not a problem. When we arrived in Panama and were searching for our new home, he showed us the best Panama has to offer without ever being pushy. He showed us ideal matches to our needs in terms of security, location and value. Thanks.

- 2018-04-24

When I first thought about investing in real estate abroad, I didn’t have a clue where to begin. Then I found the Panama Real Estate website online, they answered all of my questions and were with me at every step of my purchase. Thanks for making it all so simple.

- 2016-11-02

After having spoken to many local realtors in Panama City I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly and professional attitude of Panama Real Estate. They quickly and efficiently answered all my questions about buying real estate in Panama and gave me enough confidence to make a scouting trip. During the following days I shown only those real estate opportunities that were the best match for my own investment interests. As a result, my very short visit was made far more productive than I had envisioned when I first booked my flight.

- 2017-06-11

“When we first started researching Panama as a retirement destination you were one of the few Realtors that even replied to our emails. As we progressed you extensive knowledge of just about every aspect of Panama amazed us. You weren’t just trying to sell us real estate you answered every question we had about retirement, immigration, banking, relocation etc. And then you actually help us with all of these aspects as well as looking for our new home. You really should call you company something other than Panama Real Estate, because you do so much more than that. Thank you for looking after us so well and finding our beautiful home.”

- 2019-05-13

“When I first thought of investing in real estate abroad I didn’t have a clue. Your knowledge and expertise has been invaluable. Answering our questions and helping us every step of the way. Thank you so much.”

- 2018-04-27

“I recently purchased my first property abroad with the assistance of Panama Real Estate. It was truly an excellent experience. Every question I had was answered immediately and in a professional manner. I was looked after from the first phone call to the day I took possession of my Condo in Panama City. I know from my own experience that this kind of service is rare. If you are looking for a first class company, I know that Panama Real Estate won’t let you down. I could not be happier, thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again soon.”

- 2017-05-19