Veracruz Panama 

A diamond in the rough, Veracruz is a small town with idyllic and scenic nature as its backdrop. Less than half an hour’s drive from Panama city, Veracruz is famous for its beaches which enjoy popularity amongst the locals and foreigners alike weekends and holidays. There is plenty wildlife and birds, which van be found around these coastal areas.

Veracruz was founded in 1934, and originally named Camaron, however 20 years later it was decided the town was to be known as Veracruz, named after the famous port of Mexico.
With huge mountains overlooking the town, Veracruz is the epitome of rural Panama, which provides a unique atmosphere for first time visitors. Seafood is the staple diet among the residents, resulting in Veracruz’s economy revolving around the fishing and related industries.

As a former US airforce base was located near the area, it is no surprise to see a number of US retirees settling in Veracruz. With real estate experiencing the popularity and being affordable in Panama, a lot of foreigners have brought properties for their vacation homes as well as for their future retirement homes.

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