Volcan Baru

This town is located in the Chiriqui province of Panama, situated in the picturesque highlands, the area is ideal for coffee, fruit and flower growing. The town is situated on the western slope of the volcano Baru, and the area offers incredible real estate opportunities, within an established infrastructure and low cost of living environment. The town sports all modern amenities of paved roads, supermarkets and medical facilities. Various cultural activities are available in the town, varying from museums and age old artefacts made from stone.

The inactive volcano Baru is Panama’s highest peak at 3,475m, and is incorporated in the national park by the same name. Some have claimed that both the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans are visible on a clear day. The area has been compared with the Alps in Europe in terms of both scenery as well as temperate climate; as this area escapes the humidity and heat of the lower lying regions. Activities in the area are centred on the beautiful natural scenery and indigenous fauna and flora, with amazing opportunities of spotting Toucans and Quetzals, as well as the many wild orchids that grow in the region whilst hiking. Another nearby park is the Amistad National park that is what is termed a bi-national biosphere, as it is shared with Costa Rica.


The area hasn’t been as exposed to the real estate boom like the rest of Panama and still has great value for money opportunities available within this area. The area is natural, beautiful and tranquil as well as being central enough to reach both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts easily. Volcan is the ideal destination for those looking to escape the mainstream and settle in an established, but tranquil mountain village setting; whilst avoiding the hot and humid weather of the Panamanian coastal plains, and the overcrowded city lifestyles.

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