Why Invest In Panama

Panamá features a fantastic assortment of living and life-style, through beachfront properties to highland exotic jungles or even Caribbean tropical isle local communities. To those who would like Golfing, or even the amazing Pacific Ocean sport angling.  Possible residential prospects vary from views over the city and also the convenience of everything at the doorstep to mountain vacation retreats, seashore and island local communities so that a unique place is found to match anybody’s style. It isn’t tough to understand why Panama delivers  many choices to more and more people and why it’s currently the world’s most favored vacation home and retirement living location.

Panama’s Territorial Tax laws and it’s special banking secrecy and monetary structures make Panamá a really safe place with regard to investment, particularly real estate which is still experiencing expansion and providing excellent return on your investment and definitely will continue doing so over the next Ten years. Panamá features a assortment of plants and creatures which is found in no other place, because of the Isthmus’ location as being the crossroads of South and north America. When you decide where you should settle down, you will find the safety of understanding that, as a foreigner, you are able to own real estate effortlessly and are allowed the identical rights and protections as the Panamanian house owner.

The City of Panamá differentiates itself due to its multicultural character. Its unique geographical location makes it one of the world’s capitals with such great diversity. Inside an hours drive coming from Panama’s contemporary 

Panama Real Estate

capital city, tourists and locals may reach unblemished principal rainforest, perfect pristine sand seashores, and Hispanic colonial ruins.

If you’re considering retirement living, using a vacation property, or investing don’t be reluctant to uncover this secret heaven.


  • Local Currency: American Dollar
  • Official Language: Spanish, however, many Panamanians are multilingual (Spanish/English)
  • Populace: 3,509,679 (July 2010 estimate)
  • Federal government: Constitutional Democracy 
  • Official Time: GMT-5 
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Climate: Panamá City provides a tropical climate; humid and hot. Temperature ranges between 28ºC and 35ºC  There’s two seasons: dry  from December to April, and rainy from May to November. Even at sea level while in the rainy season, it’s much cooler compared to U.S. summers.

International Transportation and  Free Trade Zone

The country’s most well-known attraction is, needless to say, the Panamá Canal. The canal has generated Panamá as not merely the trade center in between the Americas, but additionally for an international enterprise centre. Direct flights arrive every day coming from the majority of locations in South America, the US and Europe. It is a Two or three  hour flight coming from Miami, New Orleans or Dallas. Vacationers from around the globe tend to be lured to Panamá because of its breathtaking nature, top notch shopping at huge discounts and night life. Panamá hosts the world’s 2nd biggest Free Trade Zone in Colon and visitors will find famous brand names at significantly decreased prices. The Colon Free Trade Zone of Panamá is definitely the biggest within the Western Hemisphere and also the 2nd biggest on the planet. It was actually created in 1948, and houses 1,761 merchants and  gets in excess of 270,000 customers annually and exports greater than Eleven billion dollars each year. 


Any kind of foreigner can possess a home in Panamá, within the exact same legislation just like you were a Panamanian citizen. It can be done using your individual name, or within a recognised corporation. For funding of your real estate, it’s very similar to the procedure utilized in the US. Because we have the dollar as our  nation’s currency, you’ll get the identical capital rates as you would in the usa. We’ll help you through all of the procedures associated with getting the home loan, from the moment you purchase until we give you the home. Presently brand new homes possess a Twenty year exoneration period, were you do not  need to pay any type of property tax. This became founded by the government as an inducement for national and international investments.

Quality Construction

You’ll be happily surprised by the top quality of  the Panamanian construction generally speaking. Houses are very well constructed as well as beautifully designed. Panamanian architects attend US building industry conferences to help keep up-to date on the latest in design styles, layouts and high quality living. An additional big surprise is the stimulating selection of architecture styles. Whilst in the remainder of South America, Spanish colonial rules, in Panamá contemporary architecture abounds together with classic and European styles.

Panamá Expat Associations

An essential appeal of Panamá is probably the products of the nation’s popularity – an increasing population of newbies, mixing in but additionally forming a social pool of possible good friends and contacts. This really is most critical to the North Americans and Europeans to whom the language and culture obstacle can generate problems. The expat social scene is vibrant in both Panamá City as well as in other locations well-liked by the newest residents, for example Boquete, Bocas del Toro as well as the mountain and beach areas towards the west of Panamá City. Frequent conferences and activities are an easy way to make new friends, share experience and discover much more about residing in Panamá.

In Panamá City contact expatexplorers@expatsinpanama.com
In the west of Panama contact honey@laestanciadelencanto.com
In Boquete visit Boquete.org
Americans might also wish to contact the American Society of Panama.

Security and  Equal Rights

The Investment Stability Law of 1999 guarantees both overseas and national investors alike, equivalent rights in investment and business practices. This enables Panamá to offer an atmosphere for overseas investment which needs no special authorizations, permits, or prior enrollment. The law even offers a ten year guarantee for investments proclaiming that tax, customs, municipal, labour and legal rules will stay exactly like those during the time of registration. This safeguards that no-changes will impact the amortization of assets. Presently greater than Two billion dollars worth of projects are already registered under this legislations.  


Needless to say, one of the main worries all of us encounter living overseas, is receiving appropriate medical treatment. Outstanding healthcare services are obtainable in Panamá City. Hospital Punta Pacifica not too long ago opened and it’s also associated with John Hopkins. Panamá City is just a 3 hour flight to Miami, it could be simple to go back to the usa for important Medicare insurance treatment options. Healthcare pricing is much less compared to the usa. These types of charges are generally below what your regular deductibles will be anyhow.

Visas. Residency & Retirement

Panamá has several residency programs, all built to appeal to international investors and retiree’s. Please click the link to determine our “Visas and retirement” section for detailed information. 

Stability and  Political Stability

Panamá is definitely a Democratic Republic. Panama’s expansion has become a constant expansion of opportunities as well as employment. As with Costa Rica, a nationwide law enforcement officials has substituted the armed service. There isn’t any political anxiety. Because Panamá is seeking worldwide investment and eco-tourism, foreign people are usually commonly welcome. Actually, numerous brand new laws creating attractive Panama Real Estate incentives for your overseas investor are already just lately passed. The culture is extremely similar to the U.S.A.  Most of the same stores and eating places, for example  Price Costco, Bennigan’s, TGIF, amongst others, has divisions right here. Many individuals have this amazing misconception regarding 

Panama Real Estate

Panamá in thinking it could be a jungle with hammocks strung between coconut trees. Panamá City is really a flourishing modern day urban center where you can get most whatever you can in the usa with a lower cost. Luxurious merchandise is easily available. Panamá has the best ranking 

pertaining to visitor safety from Pinkerton Intelligence Services plus a low crime rate generally. Among the first things foreigners who reside in Panamá will confirm is just how secure they feel. In Panama City  insignificant street crimes that hinder tourists abroad tend to be uncommon. Panamá City, like every big city has some neighbourhoods better to steer clear of, however in general you are able to go about Panama City night and day without having to worry. This really is true for most of the nation with a few exeptions. 

Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities in Panamá vary from Property Development, Travel and leisure, Colon Free Trade Zone projects, Telecoms, E-commerce, Petroleum Free Zones, and mining exploration.

Because the U.S. dollar is a foundation of the Panamá currency, it can make investment straightforward. Major U.S. and worldwide banking institutions are very well represented. Investment in Panamá may become really lucrative. Because as the community expands, there’s an escalating requirement for a lot more accommodations, shops, dining establishments as well as vacationer focused services. 

With its hard work to counterbalance the deficits from the Panamá Canal as well as the closing of the military 

Panama Real Estate

bases, the Panamanian government has established a number of extraordinary incentives to draw in international funding.
To construct resorts, dinning establishments, visitor agencies as well as any tourist associated enterprise.
Tourist related industry:

  1. To build up hostels, hotels, as well as restaurants inside the recognized National Park tourist improvement zones.
  2. To cultivate and produce natural hardwoods.
  3. To purchase as well as restore national land marks.

For all those being approved under these special laws, this is a brief on a few of the incentives. 
The kind as well as length of the fundamental incentive will be different according to your specific undertaking.

  1. Twenty year tax exoneration, from payment of taxes on real estate.
  2. Fifteen year tax exoneration from your payment of taxes for the companies’ activities.
  3. Twenty year exoneration from your local ITBM sales tax and taxes on imported items, used solely for the tourist enterprise. Including absolutely no taxes on vehicles, furniture as well as any other things not locally obtainable in equivalent quantity or quality and has to be enterprise associated